About the Commission

  • The authority for and jurisdiction of the Civil Service Commission are found in Article XVI, Section 71, of the Sacramento County Charter, which refle​cts the decision of the citizens of Sacramento County for a civil service merit system of personnel administration in its local government.​
  • The Commission is a nonpartisan public body responsible for policy direction and oversight of a merit system for the selection, promotion and retention of civil service employees in Sacramento County service.
  • It is the policy ​​of the Sacramento County Civil Service Commission to assure that employment is based upon merit principles; that appointment to a position in the civil service shall be a person qualified and available to perform that particular position, and that determination of qualifications shall be based upon competitive examination.
  • The Com​mission has adopted Rules to carry out its powers and duties and to govern Commission proceedings.
  • The Com​​​mission makes final decisions on appeals involving alleged improper action under, or the denial of any rights provided by, the Civil Service Rules involving examination and selection procedures or appeals relating to the classification plan.
  • The Commission makes final decisions on appeals from disciplinary actions, provided that appeal procedures mutually agreed on by the Board of Supervisors and recognized employee organizations shall substitute for appeal procedures established by the Commission.
  • The​ Commission makes final decisions on appeals from releases from probation.